6 Second Mount

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What it does:

The ALG Defense 6-Second Mount was designed when a counter-terrorism unit approached ALG with a strict set of criteria. When entering a linear environment, such as an airplane or bus, the team’s primary weapon was their pistol and they were looking for a fast sighting method that was rugged and robust. Red dot scopes mounted directly to their pistol slides were showing a high failure rate due to extreme acceleration or deceleration of the slide. The balance of the pistols was thrown off from the rearward scope mounting position, and the slides were weakened from machining a pocket for the scopes into the top of the slide.

The name, 6-Second Mount, comes from a description used by one of the operators:
“The fight lasts 6 seconds... Either they’re dead or you’re dead, and aggression saves the day.”

Mounting an optic to your weapon decreases engagement time, allowing for faster and more accurate hits on target. By separating the sight from the reciprocating slide it allows the pistol to function properly without the added mass of the optic sight, and produces a favorable weight distribution.

The ALG 6-Second Mount in machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and is designed to Gen 3 Glock 17, 22, 24 31, 34 and 35.

NOTE: Remove the rear sight using a sight pusher or punch. If a stock front sight is used it may stay on the pistol. If a taller or longer aftermarket front sight is used itmay need removed. (The removal of the rear sight was necessary to keep the MICRO sight as close to the boreas possible while allowing the slide to be removed for cleaning.)

Available in: Black, DDC, Purple & Gray

Parts Included: 
  • ALG 6 Second Mount
  • Blast Deflector - to protect your optic
  • Replacement trigger pin  
  • Trigger pin retaining screws (2)
  • Universal Mount attachment screw
  • Optic Mounting Screws
  • Instruction Sheet & Drawing

Expected Results: 
  • Faster Target Acquisition
  • Faster Follow up shots
  • Reduced damage to Optic
  • Maintains structural integrity of slide
  • Better Weight Distribution

Fits 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Gen Small Frame Glocks (ex G17, G22, G34, G35, etc)
Fits Compact Frame Glocks with some overlap in pinky area (ex G19, G23)
Does not work with subcompact models


Basic knowledge of how to take down your Glock is required

Instructions from ALG Here