Flared Magwell (AFM)

$92.99 - $102.99
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What it does:
The AFM makes speed reloading faster by decreasing the precision needed to insert a magazine into the pistol. Designed for use with factory magazines with factory base pads as well as use with extended base pads. The magwell functions as a attached funnel to aid in competition style speed reloads. Hard anodized for durability. Brass insert included.  Additionally, the flare of the AFM acts as a ledge to spread the recoil impulse into the bottom of the gripping hand. The ALG Flared Magwell (AFM) is designed to fit Gen 3 Glock Small Frame models (19,17,34 for 9mm / 23,22,35,24 for.40 caliber / 32,31 for .357 caliber)
Choice of Black or Desert Dirt Color (DDC)

Parts Included: 
  • ALG Flared Magwell (Aluminum Material)
  • Brass Insert
  • Screws

Expected Results: 
  • Faster and more efficient reloads
  • Greater control

Fits 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Gen Small Frame Glocks (ex G17, G22, G34, G35, etc)
Fits Compact Frame Glocks with some overlap in pinky area (ex G19, G23)
Does not work with subcompact models


Reference installation to Zevtech Magwell