M&P 140mm Extended Base Pad +6 (Select Color)

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What it does: 
Springer Precision M&P 9/40 140mm extended capacity base pads are CNC machined from aluminum and hard anodized for a long service life. This lengthens the magazine and adds 6 rounds to your magazine with the factory follower. The unique locking mechanism allows a very solid attachment with a simple backing out of the discrete set screw. They are specifically designed to work with magwells and fit the USPSA 140mm magazine gauge. The unique attachment design provides a low profile, sleek design that is very stable and easy to remove. 


  • +6 Round Capacity
  • Includes extra power magazine spring
  • .050 Hex driver included for installation
  • Meets 140mm size requirement
  • Magazine NOT Included
  • Made in the USA


M&P CORE, Pro Series, Full Size, and Compact magazines (9mm and .40).
Does not work with .45 magazines.
Does not fit M&P Shield / Bodyguard.
Will not work with reduced capacity magazines (10 rounds etc)