M&P Armorers Block

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What it does: 
  • Supports a polymer frame pistol for armory work and detail disassembly
  • Pre-positioned bosses, slots and holes remove pressure from critical function surfaces while pins are driven in and out
  • Thumb Safety and Magazine disconnect drop into holes and slots to prevent damage no matter what position they are in
  • High Density Polymer construction prevents marring of the frame while driving pins in and out
  • Retaining slots on each side of the block hold the striker making removal and installation of the striker spring a breeze
  • Moveable bosses are easily adjustable to position frames quickly and easily

Dimensions & Details: 
  • 7” Long x 4” Wide x 1.5” Tall
  • Made in the USA

Works with S&W Semi Auto M&P Pistols- All calibers, sizes and configurations. Including thumb safety models and the M&P Shield
Glock Semi Auto Pistols- All sizes and calibers.