Sig P320 Advanced Curved Trigger w/ Forward Set Trigger Bar Kit

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What it does:
Sig P320 Advanced Curved Trigger: The Sig P320 Advanced Curved Trigger decreases trigger pull weight by approximately 20-25% while providing a shorter reach length for shooters with smaller hands. The curved trigger profile mimics the factory curved trigger while minimizing trigger bite. A medium trigger reach length allows most shooters to comfortably position their trigger finger for the best shooting experience.

Forward Set Trigger Bar Kit: The Forward Set Trigger Bar Kit reduces trigger travel by up to 40%, and reset by up to 20% with the Action Enhancement Trigger. Trigger pull weight is reduced up to 20%.  Recommended for Competition and Recreational Shooting.

Parts Included: 
  • Advanced Curved Trigger body
  • Forward Set Trigger Bar Kit(Forward Set Trigger Bar, Overtravel Stop, Overtravel Stop Spring)

Expected Results: 
  • Direct replacement of the factory curved trigger and trigger bar
  • Up to 30% reduction in trigger pull weight
  • Up to 30% reduction in trigger travel and 20% reduction in reset travel

Works with all Sig Sauer P320 pistols
Not recommended for P320 pistols that have not been processed through Sig Sauer’s Voluntary Upgrade Program.