Sig P320 Flat-Faced Action Enhancement Trigger w/Forward Set Trigger Bar Kit

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What it does:
The Sig P320 Action Enhancement Trigger increases reach length to trigger face for shooters with longer fingers. Allows shooter to position finger lower on trigger face for increased leverage. Forward Set Trigger Bar Kit: The Forward Set Trigger Bar Kit reduces trigger travel by up to 40%, and reset by up to 20% with the Action Enhancement Trigger. Trigger pull weight is reduced up to 20%.  Recommended for Competition and Recreational Shooting. 

Parts Included: 
  • Flat Faced Trigger body
  • Forward Set Trigger Bar Kit(Forward Set Trigger Bar, Overtravel Stop, Overtravel Stop Spring)

Expected Results: 
  • Direct replacement of the factory curved trigger and trigger bar
  • Up to 20% reduction in trigger pull weight and reset travel
  • Up to 40% reduction in trigger travel

Works with all Sig Sauer P320 pistols

Not recommended for P320 pistols that have not been processed through Sig Sauer’s Voluntary Upgrade Program