T-Shirt - Keg Stand Operator

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About this Product:

High Quality Two Brothers Tactical 100% Cotton T - Shirt featuring "The Keg Stand Operator" design.  Featuring an athletic fit and a unique commissioned design.  We are honored to join with the non-profit Wishes for Warriors organization in donating $5 for T-Shirt we sell.  So feel good in knowing you are not only getting an awesome T-shirt but you're also helping an amazing organization.  Featuring an American Flag and a fully kitted out operator kegstanding. 


What's Included:

  • 100% Cotton T-Shirt with Keg Stand Operator Design
  • A Donation Made to Wishes for Warriors
  • Warm Fuzzy Feelings


About the Organization:




About the artist:

Patick Paff / Paffmusic@gmail.com / http://masterkey.pw / instagram @PATCH.WORKS