Tank III Muzzle Brake (Select Color)

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The Accu-Tac Tank Ill Muzzle Brake is precision CNC machined to exact tolerances. Heat treated to withstand intense use. The Tank llI releases gases to the side and upward to reduce muzzle rise and improve accuracy for faster follow-up shots. Full auto fire is possible with massively reduced recoil and muzzle climb, meaning that all shots fall on target. Decreased muzzle blast gasses means that flash signature is also reduced.  Designed for .308 / 300 Win / 7.62mm / 30-06. 

Kit comes with crush washer for proper barrel indexing.

Available in black and stainless.


  • Caliber: .308 / 300 Win / 7.62mm / 30-06
  • Material: Heat Treated Milspec Steel
  • Finish: Stainless Steel / MP Black (MIL SPEC)
  • Dimensions: L: 2.2” – 56 mm
  • Weight: 3.2oz – 96g
  • Thread: 5/8-24 TPI (MIL SPEC)
  • Serial Numbered for Quality Control
  • Made in the USA


Parts Included:
  • Tank III Muzzle Brake (Stainless or Black)
  • Crush Washer

Expected Results: 
  • Reduced Muzzle Climb
  • Increased Control
  • Faster Follow up shots
  • Better Accuracy

    Barrels threaded in 5/8-24 TPI (MIL SPEC)