Titanium Pin Kit

$21.85 - $28.50
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What it does:
ZEV Tech Titanium Pin Kit includes a TI Trigger Pin, a TI Locking Block Pin, and a TI Ejector Housing Pin. Pins are dimensioned properly so they will not creep out of the frame and will outlast the life of your frame. Pins are Titanium silver in color.

Parts Included: 
  • Titanium Trigger Pin
  • Titanium Locking Block Pin
  • Titanium Ejector Housing Pin

Expected Results: 
  • Certified Aerospace Weapons Grade Titanium
  • Enhanced Strength and Aesthetics 

Fits all Glock except G36, G42, and G43

Note: This pin kit was designed to work with factory, Apex Tactical, or Zev Tech trigger components ONLY. Any other aftermarket trigger may not be compatible with this pin kit, the result will be a loose trigger pin